Personal blog

Hi, I’m Orestis Ioannou and this is my personal blog. I am currently on my second year for my Masters degree. I live in Lyon and i pretty much enjoy my life.

I hope that through this blog you will find usefull information. I like free open source software, cryptography and software security so these are the main topics of this blog.

This blog was created using the micro-framework flask and its entirely libre.

Using debsources API to determine the license of

Following up on the hack of Matthieu - A one-liner to catch'em all! - and the recent features of Debsources I got the idea to modify a bit the one liner in order to retrieve the license of The script will calculate the SHA256 hash of the ... Read more

Debian - your patches and machine readable copyright files are available on Debsources

TL;DR All Debian license and patches are belong to us. Discover them here and here. In case you hadn't already stumbled upon in the past, Debsources is a simple web application that allows to publish an unpacked Debian source ... Read more

GSoC Debsources midterm news

Midterm evaluations have already passed and I guess we have also reached a milestone since last week I finished working on the copyright tracker and started the patch tracker. Here's the list of my reports on soc-coordination for those interested ... Read more

GSoC Debsources updates

The first 4 weeks have been really great. I had the chance to work on the new webapp, the copyright tracker. Here are my first 4 reports for the weeks: week #1 week #2 week #3 week #4 Summary During these weeks i completed the navigation (by prefix, ... Read more

GSoC Debsources report: #1

Heya, this is my first report on my work on Debsources during the coding period of Google Summer of Code 2015. I am not going to go into details on what I've done each week as this is purpose of the report in the mailing list. However I intend to ... Read more

Debian accepted me for Google Summer of Code 2015

Yay! I found out that I got accepted by Debian to work on the Debsources project for Google Summer of Code 2015. This announcement pretty much ends up two exciting months for me. My research project was completed and i received some great feedback ... Read more

Thoughts on my research project

My research project (moar details), is now over. I have presented my research and the implementations to the jury and you can check my slides or / and my report (in French) here. I had to the chance to work for more than two months with Fabien ... Read more

Mixing Tornado Flask and Websockets

Part of my research project (moar details), was to create an application that would measure and illustrate the process of voting on the internet using elliptic curves. A major part of that was to create the mixnets and having a server (backend) ... Read more

Research Project - Cryptographic methods for electronic voting

For the next two months I'll be working on a research project. The title is "Cryptographic methods for electronic voting" and my aim is to study several techniques used in the domaine of the electronic voting such as homomorphic encryption, mixnets, ... Read more

Tor middle relay - Raspberry pi

Recently I took some time to configure my raspberry pi as a middle relay. Exit relays can be dangerous depending where you live so I decided to help a bit tor with a middle relay. This was easy to do and fun, and its nice doing something fun and ... Read more

Codingame - A game for programmers

I have recently found out about a greate game called "codingame"! It is actually a game for programmers where there are many puzzles and contests in many different languages (20). CodinGame Contests are online programming competitions, where ... Read more

Install Debian Jessie on MacBookPro

This tutorial covers the process of installing Debian Jessie on a MacBookPro. I've chosen to document this process as I found it hard to overcome some problems I had during my several tries installing Debian on a Mac, mostly problems with grub and ... Read more

Tor hidden services - dynamic IP

This post mainly covers reasons behind my motivation on having a Tor hidden service on my Raspberry Pi as well as a small tutorial configuring this. I am using my rpi as a development server testing different open source projects, as an irssi ... Read more

Sublime Text - Plugins - Themes - Configurations

I am using Sublime Text on a daily basis for almost anything. From keeping notes to programming to writing reports. I find that it offers great capabilities with its great interface and the numerous plugins available. If only it was under a CC ... Read more

Python Conference Lyon 1

Hello everyone, On the 25 until the 28 of October a Python conference will take place at the University Lyon 1. It is organised by the AFPy, Association Francophone Python, and it is free and open access. You can already find out the list of ... Read more

Complete Redesign

Hello readers and welcome to my new complete redesigned website. This is a step forward in my web capabilities as I used the awesome micro-framework Flask ( yes no more PHP! Viva Python ) and another framework I really appreciate and find useful, ... Read more


Unfortunately i have many projects during this time of the year for the university. The main subjects are Object Oriented programmation in java, web programmation using servlets and jsp (sigh), a pascal compilator programmed using flex-bison-c++ and ... Read more